Opinions are like arseholes

Opinions are like arseholes. Everyone has one and in the modern world of blogging and social media it’s never been easier for us to have it and share it. Whether we like it or not.


be heard
Take Katie Hopkins, for example, she has a view on absolutely everything, regardless of how absurd or ridiculous it sounds. Remember when she vented her spleen about not naming children after a geographical location because it was uncouth? Well one of her own children’s name is India. 

The hypocrisy. You couldn’t make it up.

That’s the beauty of our freedom of expression but also its curse. We have to listen to a lot of crap. And no I do not just mean the extremist, hook handed Muslim clerics the Daily Mail goes on about but also the extremist (and largely unchallenged) views by people in positions of influence that label Palestinians as filthy rodents. Or how about those opinions that suggest we line trade union members up in front of a firing squad when they go on strike? That’s the beauty of our freedom to express ourselves and our opinions, no matter what arsehole it comes from. That includes me and my opinion. You’ll either love or hate it in equal measure but that’s okay because that’s your opinion and you have a right to it too.

But like your arsehole, keep it clean. We can all agree to disagree and if we don’t like someone’s arsehole opinion? Ignore it. Block it or better – debate it. If you feel you really are offended by it, think on the old tale we teach our children about sticks and stones, but don’t censor it arbitrarily. Opinions are linked to our freedom of expression and always remember; the door for controversial opinion swings both ways.


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