Russell Brand takes on FOX News – who is more dangerous?

The TREWS by Russell Brand was actually brilliant last night.

In 13 short minutes he explains the process by which they manipulate your consent to perpetuate atrocities in the world and deconstructs the ‘news’ put out by the Murdoch empire. FOX may be particularly grotesque, but do not think that SKY is much better just because they haven’t found a ‘Brit’ outlandish enough to say the shit they say, other than Katie Hopkins who guests from time to time.

The lies told to us are no more than a house of cards, it one day will fall.

They have to repeat their message hundreds, if not thousands of times, a day and at regular intervals because they know what the majority of us have yet to realise, that their stories aren’t true and is why I am hopeful that things will change. 

Brand might be a millionaire but armed with just a laptop and a camera phone and a mate he has rattled the largest media company in the world and shown again what I have said before – that the access to technology for us privileged few has given us the opportunity to affect the argument how we see fit. All we have to do is reach out and take it.

Point and shoot – kills propaganda