Save People, Not Banks

I made a film, a kind of documentary that covered 5 years of people fighting austerity and the issues people have faced, from zero hour contracts, disability cuts, pension attacks and many other issues. I filmed it almost exclusively on a smartphone, proving that with just a smartphone and a data connection, you can create anything you want.

Here is the introduction, it is in 8 parts, see which bit you like or watch it all in one go.


You still could not make it up

Animals more equal than others

THE VILLAINOUS  bully, Jeremy Hunt, this week pulled his snout from out of the trough long enough to tell our wonderful NHS workers that they would not be receiving a 1% pay rise and that they would be subject to performance related pay. Performance related pay….

This must be some kind of sick joke if we look at other industries, their pay rises and the issue of performance;

Queen gets £5M pay rise (but still ended up this year down to her last million!!)
Bankers Bonuses up 44% (on top of their 35% pay increase!!!)
FTSE 100 directors get 14% pay rise
MPs pay rise 11%
British Gas prices up 9.2% (despite £20m profits on over inflated bills)
Minimum Wage up 19p (but you’re still sharing 1 job with 3 people and/or watching the phone to ring on a zero hour contract)
Nurses pay up 0%
Teachers pay -3%

Don’t even ask about the police or fire service. You could not make it up.

Nurses, doctors, teachers, police and firefighters are being hung out to dry so that these corrupt politicians can keep their billionaire mates in the life they have been accustom too. Wealth does not ‘trickle down’, no, it quite clearly bubbles up to the top. Bankers, on top of their 35% pay increase, have been receiving a 44% increase in bonuses, with firms such as RBS for example receiving over £500m in bonuses DESPITE LOSING another £8.6bn and the last of the £46bn of taxpayers money given to them in 2008 as part of the bailout process. Where is their performance related pay, as shareholders we should be holding them to account! Banking terrorists and the economic wage slave mates do not get performance related pay, just the miracle workers in the NHS.

Jeremy Hunt has also threatened the loss of 6000 nurses if they were to receive the 1% pay rise, leaving the unions within the NHS no choice but to consult their staff on a ballot for strike action. I hope they seriously consider this action and if they take the brave steps to enter into industrial dispute with these ideologically driven MP’s and their pursuit for more of our life blood, that we fight tooth and nail to support our amazing NHS staff, as they have fought for our lives from cradle to grave.

Newell News-round up, week 19

Free bradley

This week we will just get straight into it.


VICTORY! Lewisham A&E has been saved this week as the high court over ruled Jeremy Hunt, citing that he acted illegally in his move to close the department. The scenes of euphoria were something to behold and a timely reminder to us all that collectively we can turn back the tide of oppression and austerity we face.

99% of patients were happy with their NHS care, 100% of the Conservative Party want to privatise it any way.

Save Lewisham

A doctor has prescribed surgery to remove fallopian tubes in a pre-emptive move to beat ovarian cancer. It has drawn some scepticism from Cancer Research who say there is no evidence to support such a suggestion and is another act in a worrying trend of fashionable surgeries to beat cancer. Angelina Jolie recently underwent a double mastectomy to reduce the chances of her developing breast cancer saying it did not affect her woman hood.

Human Rights/Hatred UK

Bradley Manning, found not guilty of aiding the enemy, still faces 130 plus years in prison for not following orders. See what we had to say about that here.


After the hate vans ‘go home’ we had spot checks for immigration visa’s. The BLACK SHIRTS are in town! Of course these were brown people in deprived areas of London town. Wonder if they are going to do spot checks at the local Walkabout bar and check for Australian’s who’s visa’s may have expired? No, just Trenton Oldfield then is it? What kind of world are we living in? You cannot be illegal on your own planet.

Workers rights are being smashed by the not so new phenomenon of the zero hour contract and whilst the public get set to protest the media’s main focus, Mike Ashley and Sports Direct, the frugal Queen with her 52 bedrooms and 78 toilets at Buckingham Palace get away with the same contracts being offered out to her wage slaves without so much as a whimper. This news ‘broke’ only a week after I had written about the Daily Hate Mail front page, stating that firms have a duty to employ British people, echoing Gordon Brown’s comments in 2009 that there should be British jobs for British people.


Lord Howell, George Osborne’s father-in-law, has said we should ‘frack’ the desolate North wait, sorry, the North West. You cannot make it up. Whilst the battle for Balcombe continues  we have clowns like this wading in with ridiculous comments. 40 years of shale gas or not, it does not solve a whole list of problems we face regarding energy, what do we do after 40 years? What do we make everything out of? What about our water sources? What about seismic activity?


52% of the UK are now struggling with their bills in 2013. This is an increase of 9 million people who now struggle financially but interestingly only two weeks ago George Osborne informed us that the UK economy was on the mend and before this that we never had a double dip recession. A man also told the Daily Mail that the high street is dead and that the only thing left will be Tesco and Costa.


Terror alert, BE AFRAID. The US announced that there was imminent danger as the end of Ramadan came and they drew back on their drone assault on Yemen, prompting fears that the US embassy in Yemen may be subject to an attack… If you drone bomb innocent people then you may expect them to be upset. The US and the UK are engaged in acts of terror everyday, one way of ending the war of terror is to stop participating in it.


Future king has penis drawn on his forehead, world goes nuts. You cannot make it up.

Why art is crucial to change was discussed by Peter Joseph on Russia Today with Abby Martin. Kill the artist, kill the protest!

Twitter silence started at 00:01 this morning and finishes at 23:59 tonight in an attempt to highlight Twitter’s failings to deal with abuse and ‘trolling’ on the 140 character or less website. There has been much debate about the worth of this act, we wonder whether or not those abstaining from Twitter have also withdrawn from other sources of misogyny and rape culture for the day such as The Sun on Sunday, Facebook, Lynx or anyone of a hundred other items portrayed using rape culture through advertising?

Bees are to be tracked using a new radio antennae with Rothamstead Scientists taking the lead on the project from Harpenden. We do not know why honey bees are dying off but if they die out we are in serious trouble. I hope it has nothing to do with the GMO crops they have been trialling in Rothamstead Park…

bee antennae