David Cameron, why so serious?

Okay. #piggate has gone on for long enough and I’ve laughed more than most, so let’s pause for a moment about what it’s all about. 

Where’s Daddy’s Pig?
A billionaire ploughed millions into the Tory party and was promised a ministerial job (allegedly) and then didn’t get one. He then proceeds to write a book, outing Cameron as a pig fucker and coke fiend (along with a list of other tawdry activities). This surely raises a bigger question about the power and role money plays in politics. A warning of the risk you face of challenging money after they bank roll you to power.

With no rousing rejection of the story by the press secretaries, it makes me wonder what else this guy has on Cameron and also makes a mockery of Cameron’s tweet that Jeremy Corbyn and Labour are now a threat to national security. What’s more dangerous? A man with a vision of a more just world or a man with a history of being balls deep in a dead animal and potentially being controlled by all who knew?

It was Don Corleone who said keep your friends close but keep your enemies closer. This week we see why. Perhaps David Cameron should have paid more attention to the teachings of the Don.



The Corbyn Factor

Without a solid foundation, no genuine movement of opposition can ever be mounted.
I have routinely argued that the popular leaders of our history past, did so on the backs of popular movements. The future will be no different.

Martin Luther King, Malcolm X,
Mandela and others would have been pissing in the wind without the foundation of the people, striving for change. Jeremy Corbyn’s success or failure will be directly linked to the actions of the people that voted for him or that believe in his vision of a world without war, poverty and division.
The scale of the unhinged attacks on Jeremy Corbyn by the vile right wing media surprises even me. Each day that passes and with each measured response Corbyn makes, the more desperate the opposition becomes and for good reason. They know that there is nothing more dangerous than the people rallying behind an idea. That is what they fear the most.

The question is whether or not we are up to the task?#anotherworldispossible

Know when to be outraged

Labour Leadership 

the contenders
I had it put to me recently that in supporting ‘someone like Jeremy Corbyn’ I was supporting someone who supports terrorists and fascism… 

Jeremy may be many things, a man of honour perhaps, but not a terrorist sympathiser. Those accusations should be reserved for the actual supporters of terrorism, namely Rupert Murdoch and the Newscorp empire, who think it okay to bomb children in Gaza for the right of the IDF to get its blood lust on every couple of years. 

Let’s get one thing straight, I am not suddenly a born again Labour Party member or supporter. There is still much wrong the Labour Party, namely three out of the four contenders for leadership and the people who are backing them, seemingly choosing the dark side over the light. What Jeremy does offer is a real choice between the current malevolent forces occupying Downing Street and change. In David Cameron’s Conservative Party, we have a more right wing, aggressive party than any cabinet Margaret Thatcher over saw. In fact, the next 5 years of Cameron’s hatchet mob might make us wistful for the days where miners got their skulls cracked by the police on Thatchers orders to break up the working classes only real strength; collective bargaining.

Jeremy Corbyn offers a chance of the politics of hope and not more of the politics of fear that we’ve had since 1979. 

#jeremy4leader #freepalestine