The Corbyn Factor

Without a solid foundation, no genuine movement of opposition can ever be mounted.
I have routinely argued that the popular leaders of our history past, did so on the backs of popular movements. The future will be no different.

Martin Luther King, Malcolm X,
Mandela and others would have been pissing in the wind without the foundation of the people, striving for change. Jeremy Corbyn’s success or failure will be directly linked to the actions of the people that voted for him or that believe in his vision of a world without war, poverty and division.
The scale of the unhinged attacks on Jeremy Corbyn by the vile right wing media surprises even me. Each day that passes and with each measured response Corbyn makes, the more desperate the opposition becomes and for good reason. They know that there is nothing more dangerous than the people rallying behind an idea. That is what they fear the most.

The question is whether or not we are up to the task?#anotherworldispossible

Know when to be outraged

Art stuff




Malcolm X quote – Democracy is hypocrisy, made for a blog on the ongoing hypocrisy of the UK government.







Nelson Mandela quote – on hate, made for a video called ‘Nelson Mandela – Madiba’

Yoda - wars not make one great


Yoda quote – 100 years on from world war one, we have had nothing but war.


Tony Blair and family dining with Assad in the 90’s.


Sky News, Tony Blair on voting against intervention in Syria 2013 – Carlsberg don’t do news graphics…




Roll-call of ‘anti’-terror legislation since 2001.

blair gaddafi

Tony Blair and Gaddafi – made in 2010 and just prior to the Libya intervention and revolution.




Before the Israeli assault ‘Operation Protective edge’




Between MH-17 and the assault on Gaza.







Scottish vote for independence 2014. #indyref