Bingo! Bury bad news budget day

BINGO! The budget has been announced and the Chancellor, jolly George Osborne, has said it is one for “doers and savers” and allows the bingo and beer brigade to have a good time. How out of touch are this lot?

bingo and beer

In the mean time there is plenty of other distraction for you, such as the announcement of the new one pound coin with its 13 (or 12 sides depending on reports) which will resemble the three pence piece. Lovely, no mention however from the majority of the mainstream media that it is still only as real as your belief in it (save a few) and it is still basically what I call ‘faith-based’ currency. If you can find the holes in faith-based religion, the why can’t you find the holes in faith based money?

banking economics lies

What budget day should be renamed as is ‘bury bad news day’ as we scramble around to digest the meanings of the latest chancellors ramblings, the answer to which is simple – did you take the money back from the We’re still broke. Bury bad news day was sponsored this week by the Huffington Post who told us that the funny Mayor in London, Boris Johnson, had authorised the use of water cannons and we can all look forward to having our eyes gouged out at the next political event we attend. With the various laws being passed such as the Anti Social Behaviour and Crime Policing Bill we will find it hard pushed to do anything without the oppressive state clamping down on us viciously.

So enjoy your budget week and news distraction, you will forgiven for thinking that everything is awesome.


From cradle to grave

THE MADHOUSE has been overrun and they have left a calling card. A toy plastic credit card.


The Early Learning Center toy where your child can learn everything about money except for the fact that it is not real to begin with, or that the plastic your children are playing with actually has more intrinsic value than the digital numbers floating around the ether that determines whether people eat or not because it is the byproduct of a million years of fossilised flora and fauna.

The Early Learning Center toy comes complete with plastic money and credit card, where your child can learn about money and how to get in to debt with their plastic friend, not taking in to consideration the fact they were £73,000 in debt before they were even born. Of course, these toys are hardly new but there is something genuinely crazy about the way the world is going.


A meme sprang up this month of a bag of 100 plastic pennies worth more than $3 (or £2 something) which questioned the sanity of paying more for fake money than the value of its real life equivalent.  I just could not get my head around this and thought it was an early April Fool’s, so I took to the Internet to find out the truth and this is when I found the new credit card toy from the Early Learning Center and had a mini meltdown.

If only I had just gone to bed.

The sad thing is that parents really feel that they are doing their kids a favour by purchasing this crap and calling it educational, but we cannot criticise because they mostly know no better themselves about the truth of money and so the cycle continues. It is a 360 degree immersive advertising campaign, designed to do one thing; ensure perpetual debt slavery.

The problem comes when people have become so embedded in the lie that it makes it hard for them to see the truth, that the monetary system they put so much trust in is just a ponzi scheme, built on debt and that mortgage defaults and bankruptcy are inherently built into it. The only reason it endures is because of the blind faith we as a society have put in it. It is the reason we have austerity, library closures, cuts and closures to our emergency services and privatisation of our NHS. You couldn’t make it up.

The first step to breaking free from our chains is to first see that we are imprisoned. A good start would be the group Positive Money, another would be this video by Peter Joseph from The Zeitgeist movement in 2008.

Right now I am going to get my head and just remember that “everything is awesome.”