We build it, they give it away and ask us to pick up the pieces

We live in a mad world, ladies and gents, a mad world.

Chomsky Privatisation

The one and only hospital in the UK that was privatised has just gone bankrupt and now WE have to foot the £10 million bill to save it. A typical story of how the public pay for and build proud institutions, only for the government to give it away for next to nothing and have us pay for it again when the said private firm (who usually shares close relations with whichever puppet we have in government) screws it up. We let this happen time and again and let our governments get away with it. We really are suffering a form of Stockholm syndrome. Noam Chomsky has long said that defunding and creating a panic is the best way to privatisation for the corporate shills we have running the establishment today and that is what we are seeing on a grand scale with the NHS.

Circle Healthcare have claimed to save the public money overall, despite leaving a £7-12 million deficit and remain intransigent on their belief that they have completed a good job, citing a changing landscape for the reasons to pull out. The issue of people being able to profit from the health and wellbeing of the population is glossed over by these profiteers.

Hopefully the public will see through the often repeated “free at the point of entry” rhetoric spouted out by our politicians and demand that it stays in full public ownership.