Today I saw a homeless man, a young man, who has once again found himself on the streets. In and out of homes, he has decided to try and do something to change his fate and create his own destiny, he started writing poems.

His poems are tales of the life he sees from the small part of the world he occupies, the street corner. He sees the world from a different point of view to the majority of us, quite literally from the ground looking up. His poems are raw, they are different.

A passerby stopped to give the young lad a book to write his poems in, a journal to inspire him to achieve more. Who knows, one day he might be a best seller, keep an eye out for Beny Boy, the homeless poet.



We carry the banner for hope and change ourselves

It is tnteresting times that we are living today, interesting that we would rather attack each other for being scroungers, layabouts or immigrants when there is a bigger picture here and that is of the financiers who are actually responsible for austerity, not the NHS, teachers, police, fire or armed forces; walking free and being encouraged to do it all over again.

These banks have had minimal fines, no one has gone to jail, they still get billion pounds worth of bonuses and Osborne has committed to the biggest spending cuts in over 70 years. Sticking together has never been more necessary.

No one has gone to jail… well if you are guilty of fraud, as was the case for RBS personnel (again) then the judge will let you walk away because you have “suffered enough.” Steal 15 Toblerone however and you go straight to jail. Do not pass go. Do not collect £200.

This austerity will affect everyone in a way we have yet to grasp, if we think the last 5 years have been rough with the rise of food banks, return of rickets, 1 in 4 working poor and 90,000 children homeless this Christmas, we will be in for a shock. Which ever party wins the next election, we lose. Austerity is the ideology and we are the vessels from which they are generating their wealth. We can only rely on ourselves to make the change, no one else is going to carry the banner of hope for us.

J crawling

We are living in a moment of history, what we do next will define the lives of generations to come. Lets make it something to remember for the right reasons.