They all must go

There’s an election coming up, 40 odd days to go until the general election in the UK. Leaders debates. Lies and skullduggery. What do we do?

We start by ignoring the business letter signed by 100 con artists.

It would be utter hypocrisy for me to say who you should vote for when my preference would be for mass withdrawal from the game, however, many of you are going to vote. If you do vote please think about what has happened to firefighters, teachers, doctors, nurses, police, look at the state of the streets and remember who was in office during this period. 

The purpose of austerity was to reduce the deficit, George Osborne has failed and it is now bigger than ever.


In the words of Mervyn King, the former Governor of the Bank of England, the recession was not the publics fault and no government could have stopped it happening, but the current bunch have made us all pay in sweat, tears and in some tragic cases in blood, Linda Woottton being one such casualty.

We face the harshest cuts to public services, built and paid for by us, our parents and our grandparents over the last 70 years, with what’s left being sold off to privateers at a snip of their true value. 

Know that what happens next will define the lives of generations to come in the UK, so as you head to the polling booth in May, remember who was responsible for slashing those services, cutting the support networks of disabled people and ex-forces personnel and many others and make sure your pen stays clear of those people and anyone likened to them.

Remember that the public service workers serve you 24/7, the people responsible for this ideological austerity serve only themselves and the likes of those 100 business ‘leaders’.

#neverforget #GE2015 #theyallmustgo 

The Artist Taxi Driver – firefighters vs the government

Leaders debate heckler interview


Syriza and the rise of hope


‘SOCIALIST GREECE’ -two words many thought they would never hear, but it happened last night.

After 6 years of austerity driven by banking bailouts, the people have voted for change and an end to debt slavery. 6 years of protests, riots and rallies lead to this, change. At least on paper. Syriza might well represent the chink in the ideological austerity armour people have been waiting for, it might also well be a false dawn. Only time will tell.

Short of 2 seats for a full majority,  Syriza has entered into a coalition government with an anti-austerity, far right group to secure their plan for a change of economic path. How an alliance with a far-right group and a socialist party goes will be interesting in itself.

Let us hope for the Greeks sake that Tsipras and Syriza are more socialist than Nick Clegg and the LibDems!

Syriza will be under incredible pressure to pursue reformist policies over their more aggressive stance in the lead up to the election on Greece’s fiscal situation. The Germans have already warned Syriza that they have finanicial obligations (€240bn bailout package and the Europe Central Bank also committed to dumping extra cash into the eurozone in the days preceeding the election as markets fluctuated over fears a Syriza victory would lead to ‘The Grexit’. The hypocrisy of European leaders amd the Financial Times falling over themselves to tell Greece what they can and can’t do, when they themselves are flat broke is laughable.

The mood within Syriza had softened leading up to the snap election, as they went from an outside bet to a perceived threat in 3 years, with Tsipras toning down the rhetoric of “tearing up the economic package” that has crippled Greece, to one of measured negotiation and refinance. What they should do is take a lead from Iceland who jailed bankers and bailed out their people, not the banks. The people of Greece have suffered significant increases in homelessness, poverty and unemployment – all on an unimaginable scale, they deserve better.

Syriza might stem the flow but will they turn back the tide of austerity if the weight of corporatocracy comes down on them? As one woman put it when she said she had “nothing left to lose” by voting for them, they became charged with resurrecting the dreams of not only a nation but an entire movement throughout Europe. I have seen people who have never voted before committing publicly that they will vote for the Green Party in the UK in May, on the back of the election result in Greece last night, such is the power of the feeling of hope.

The people have voted in Greece because they want to show Europe and the money lenders that they have had enough of austerity and slavery, Europe must hear this and act accordingly to save people and not keep saving banks.

I just hope Syriza are daring enough to have the courage to not be the party the people need right now, but the one that people really deserve.

We carry the banner for hope and change ourselves

It is tnteresting times that we are living today, interesting that we would rather attack each other for being scroungers, layabouts or immigrants when there is a bigger picture here and that is of the financiers who are actually responsible for austerity, not the NHS, teachers, police, fire or armed forces; walking free and being encouraged to do it all over again.

These banks have had minimal fines, no one has gone to jail, they still get billion pounds worth of bonuses and Osborne has committed to the biggest spending cuts in over 70 years. Sticking together has never been more necessary.

No one has gone to jail… well if you are guilty of fraud, as was the case for RBS personnel (again) then the judge will let you walk away because you have “suffered enough.” Steal 15 Toblerone however and you go straight to jail. Do not pass go. Do not collect £200.

This austerity will affect everyone in a way we have yet to grasp, if we think the last 5 years have been rough with the rise of food banks, return of rickets, 1 in 4 working poor and 90,000 children homeless this Christmas, we will be in for a shock. Which ever party wins the next election, we lose. Austerity is the ideology and we are the vessels from which they are generating their wealth. We can only rely on ourselves to make the change, no one else is going to carry the banner of hope for us.

J crawling

We are living in a moment of history, what we do next will define the lives of generations to come. Lets make it something to remember for the right reasons.