Save People, Not Banks

Dejavusion Productions is making a short docu-video on the current economic and austerity issues that are driving the people to their knees across the UK. We would be interested in you providing a short two -three minute clip explaining what austerity has meant to you and your family and what it means for your futures?

If you are interested and would like to take part then please email with the subject heading: Save People Not Banks

Joining the team, living the American Dream

Lucas Media is a not for profit video, father and son, editing team and we have been working closely with Dejavusion Productions for the past 12 months.

Our work previously has featured on YouTube and Vimeo and is raw but gets the message across, our first video featured Robin Thicke but in light of recent events we shall not be using his stuff any more.

Previously being mistaken for George Lucas was a personal high but hopefully for his original works and not the sell out to Disney!

We look forward to entertaining you without distracting you.

Lucas Media


Another platform, same Dejavusion Productions

We have joined up with Red Pill Medium for a chance to blog about and share some of the videos edits we make and to discuss some of the content within them. We are seeking to challenge the philosophy of killing the artist to kill the protest.

We will also be periodically review the latest movie releases at the cinema so watch this space to see if you should check it out, or leave it out.

For the time being you can find our work on Vimeo here and on YouTube here. Please check out the latest video edit by the guys River of Tears.

Dejavusion Productions