We carry the banner for hope and change ourselves

It is tnteresting times that we are living today, interesting that we would rather attack each other for being scroungers, layabouts or immigrants when there is a bigger picture here and that is of the financiers who are actually responsible for austerity, not the NHS, teachers, police, fire or armed forces; walking free and being encouraged to do it all over again.

These banks have had minimal fines, no one has gone to jail, they still get billion pounds worth of bonuses and Osborne has committed to the biggest spending cuts in over 70 years. Sticking together has never been more necessary.

No one has gone to jail… well if you are guilty of fraud, as was the case for RBS personnel (again) then the judge will let you walk away because you have “suffered enough.” Steal 15 Toblerone however and you go straight to jail. Do not pass go. Do not collect £200.

This austerity will affect everyone in a way we have yet to grasp, if we think the last 5 years have been rough with the rise of food banks, return of rickets, 1 in 4 working poor and 90,000 children homeless this Christmas, we will be in for a shock. Which ever party wins the next election, we lose. Austerity is the ideology and we are the vessels from which they are generating their wealth. We can only rely on ourselves to make the change, no one else is going to carry the banner of hope for us.

J crawling

We are living in a moment of history, what we do next will define the lives of generations to come. Lets make it something to remember for the right reasons.


We are here because of the path that lies behind us

Conference season is all but over and the battle lines have been drawn for the run-in to the 2015 General Election. The papers today say too that the election campaign begins, but where are we?

David Cameron made a rousing speech fit for a Nuremberg rally as he followed on from Theresa May, outlining his intentions to dismantle the Human Rights Act, save the NHS and be the ‘trade union’ for hardworking people. This would be funny if it was not so serious and frankly disgusting. This is the man whose party smashed hardworking, trade union families in the 1980’s and who want to all but revoke a workers right to withdraw their labour and raise the threshold for ballots so high, that neither Boris Johnson, nor the Coalition government would have taken office with the same stipulations. This is the man who has seen thousands of people die after their benefits were cut by the cut throat, unqualified and inept assassins at ATOS and has overseen a cost in living crisis leaving 1 in 4 families described as ‘working poor’, over 1 million children in poverty and the resurgence of Victorian diseases such as rickets. It is quite literally banquets for the rich and food banks for the poor.

I think he meant what he said when he said we were the people that he and his party resented.

Further to this, the Tory party have continued unabated in the mass sell off of our NHS, built and paid for by us, our parents and grandparents, after first Labour opened the gateway with PFI contracts in their previous disastrous term in office. The NHS is safe in no ones hands but our own. If we leave it to these vultures we will face yearly prices hikes the same as we already do with the rail and energy firms. Families would soon be priced out of basic health care, a fundamental human right for all. Do not be persuaded or convinced that charging immigrants for use of the NHS is anything other than to get us used to the idea of getting our plastic friends out to pay for care. It is a classic tale of divide and rule.

Which brings me to the threat posed to human rights.

Time and again Theresa May, Cameron, Hague, whomever, tell us it is because of the threat posed to us by terrorists, hate preachers and other so-called undesirables that they wish to extradite but by whose definition will be determining the terrorists? In May’s speech she has outlined a vision of such Orwellian proportions, it left many aghast at how it could even be implemented. May’s vision is one of national censorship of extremists who use social media, yet when they have over 9000 domestic extremists on their list, people who make it their civic and moral duty to stand up to police and political corruption, fracking, TTIP, arms fairs, illegal Israeli state expansion, many without a criminal record. You can only begin to imagine just how dangerous things are getting for people who speak truth. The establishment at all levels have a very genuine fear of the social media, it used to be that we saw something on the social media and went to the mainstream news networks to confirm it, now we see something on the mainstream news and take to social media to disprove it. It is instant, live and connects us, for better or worse, in a way that they cannot abide. It is for these reasons that we are seeing clumsy and draconian attempts to break people’s faith in using it, for fear of ending up on the scrap heap or worse, in some form of censorship or detention. In the future only outlaws will be free.

The Sun manifesto Cameron

In the meantime The Sun takes credit for the potential abolishment of our human rights act and generally people don’t even bat an eyelid. A mate said to me yesterday (I am sure he won’t mind) that we could all already do what the Human Rights Act is supposed to guarantee for us long before they existed (such as the right to assembly, marry, practice religion, freedom of speech etc), but were we?

One example could be gay people’s right to marry the person they love, until recently it was still debated only getting as far as civil partnership, only with ‘gay marriage’ coming in the last 12 months. It is called ‘gay marriage’ or ‘same-sex marriage’, rather than as I call it – ‘marriage’, because to many it is still taboo. And they still face serious issues regards access to equal pension rights for their partners in the event something happens to one of them, parity with a ‘normal’ married couple is still beyond the law and that is just one example of how our so-called ‘civilised’ society doesn’t get it right even with a Universal Declaration of Human Rights as a foundation. What chance justice with a watered down bill of rights drafted by this inept bunch because they convinced us terrorists are on every street corner?

Taken from an article featured in The Telegraph, Tory plans will involve some of the following ideas:

  • Extremists will have to get posts on Facebook and Twitter approved in advance by the police under sweeping rules planned by the Conservatives.
  • They will also be barred from speaking at public events if they represent a threat to “the functioning of democracy”, under the new Extremist Disruption Orders.
  • Theresa May, the Home Secretary, will lay out plans to allow judges to ban people from broadcasting or protesting in certain places, as well as associating with specific people.
  • The plans — to be brought in if the Conservatives win the election in May — are part of a wide-ranging set of rules to strengthen the Government’s counter-terrorism strategy.

Universal…That word, universal, for all, because after two world wars in 30 years they realised the need for something resolute to hold tyranny to account and at bay, if 100 years more global war has taught us anything, is that human rights needs reinforcing, not disbanding. 

Remember nothing was given to us because we deserved it, it was given to us because we fought for it for generations. Ask yourself why they would really want to take something as precious as this away from us? Remember that we are not here because of the path that lies before us, but because of the path that lies behind us. 

‘Whereas disregard and contempt for human rights have resulted in barbarous acts which have outraged the conscience of mankind, and the advent of a world in which human beings shall enjoy freedom of speech and belief and freedom from fear and want has been proclaimed as the highest aspiration of the common people’ – Preamble of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

1984 George Orwell

Scotland decides, rise.

After centuries of struggle the Scottish get a shot at independence and the right to self-determination, but will they seize it?

The campaign for independence versus better together has heated up in the past two weeks, as Westminster suddenly realised that the vote was too close to call and the leaders of the three main parties have been on the charm offensive. However, the sight of them only serves to highlight the failings of successive Westminster governments for us all.

For Labour this trip north comes somewhere between 4 and 17 years too late after the New Labour project, lead by war criminal Tony Blair, ushered in more Tory-lite policies and values and Ed Milliband has presided over one of the least effective opposition campaigns in recent memory. For his teams pounding the streets to constantly repeat: ‘You don’t want 5 more years of the Conservatives’ really underlines the lack of dynamism or variation in the major policies of our mainstream political parties. The Conservatives would seem to have much to gain from a Scottish breakaway, not least because they have only 1 MP in Scotland and the loss of 40 odd Labour MPs would surely put pay to Labour ever holding a majority in parliament. Nick Clegg we can only assume  was there as chief fluffer.

Every one and their dog have had their say on the vote for independence, from Bob Geldof and David Beckham writing a letter (who knew!?) to Eliza Doolittle and Frankie Boyle, though if entertainment value was the deciding factor on the yes/no vote, then Frankie Boyle would win hands down and Scotland would have their freedom. The scare-mongering campaign of the better together camp has been nothing short of shameful, from asking how they will protect themselves without the might of her Majesty’s armed forces to Mark Carney, governor of the Bank of England (BoE) threatening Scotland with having to have billions in reserve to break away from England and not being able to rely on our central bank (lucky them). Without getting into a looonnnng blog about the monetary system and how it is created, it should suffice to say that Carney obviously has not heard about fractional reserve banking, or if he has, does not want to discuss it publicly at this point. If these views, expressed by Carney and the fear mongers in the NO camp are their true belief’s then Scotland and it’s people could do worse than to tell the BoE, Queen, David Cameron, George Osborne or whomever is the next chancellor that they can take their debt with them and launch their own debt free currency, free from banking tyranny, with a nationalised energy industry free from privatisation.

This move would come at a price and the very real threat of a future invasion by the American government under the guise of ‘New Democracy’ as a liberation force for the Scots. At this point the threat of ‘how will you protect yourselves?’ may come to bear but otherwise, without the current association of the imperialist armies that are rampaging through the Middle East on a resource grab, they might in fact find that they are safer with out us.

For the English, it seems like the biggest concern has been about what the flag will look like, what will our name be and a host of other trivial concerns. What amazes me is the very people who want a referendum on being ‘in or out’ of Europe would see that Scotland either did not have a vote or that now they do, to vote no. Self determination is the right of all people, Scotland’s fate should be no different. The only question will be whether they will be daring enough to go all the way, with a debt free currency, ditch the debt and follow the ways of Iceland after the recession. Do not get me wrong, I do not entirely trust Salmond to deliver the world that Scotland dreams but the people can demand it by keeping up the pressure following a  yes vote.

Do not be undone by fear, create your own reality and live the lives you have always dreamed – free.