To vote, or not to vote: You have a greater choice in breakfast cereal than in your political spectrum

This morning the BBC took its place alongside the government propaganda machine in encouraging the young to go out and vote at the next election, with an estimated 800000 young voters (age 18-21) missing from the electoral register. Ministers are allegedly concerned that further changes to the voting system will affect the integrity of the electoral system, as if the entire political systems integrity has not already been compromised. To challenge this a new initiative is being pushed out to highlight the importance of voting to youngsters and they continue to pour scorn on Russell Brand’s views in the meantime.

The young adults are given topics to discuss such as whether the £9bn spent on the 2012 Olympics was money well spent and what their views are on capital punishment. Following lengthy debate, their votes are cast on each subject. Topics such as these are used as a means to engage young minds in topics that may interest them, rather than to leave them at the mercy of a stuffy politician that has already been undermined by expenses scandals and their upcoming pay hike during a time of severe austerity.

The group is then split to reflect the percentage of 18-21 year olds that are currently registered nationally to vote, with the rest indicating the percentage of the unregistered. The results of the entire groups votes on capital punishment are revealed (with the majority stating that they opposed it) but that this was not necessarily reflected within the sample group of people eligible to vote. The moral of the story being that the minority are deciding for the majority. This much is true but not in the essence in which the group nor the BBC are reporting it. There is a minority group of people influencing the lives of the majority but it is not the handful of people who are voting, it is the suits in the corridors of corruption in parliament, their lobbyist friends, banks, big business, big pharma and the military industrial complex. One such example of this being jolly George Osborne’s best man’s Hedge Fund company, who made a hefty profit from the recent privatisation of the Royal Mail after they bought £50m shares prior to its sale.

Another example of democracy not working in your favour were the recent cuts to the London Fire Brigades frontline services, something that both the Prime Minister and London Mayor pledged to protect, yet when it came to it, they have cut over 1200 jobs in just over 4 years nationwide, whilst the Mayor perversely claims that Londoners will be safer despite the closures of 10 stations and the loss of almost 600 jobs. This came despite both Londoners and the London Assembly voting against the cuts at every avenue throughout the supposed consultation process. 


The thing about democracy and voting is that if it changed anything, they would not let you do it, hence the gagging law that has been passed recently in parliament. This is a truth that seems to have escaped most because we get a long with our daily lives without looking any deeper than the information that is put to us at regular daily intervals. The role of the Trade Unions in the 21st century are perhaps another such an example. It could be argued that since the days of Thatcher and the miners strikes in the 1980’s, trade unions are now largely accepted by both government and employers because they have managed to change the laws enough to neuter any real influence they can have over any given argument, such are the anti-trade union laws and the establishment have also conducted a relatively good job in convincing workers that they do not matter (which could not be any further from the truth). In some countries unions are outright banned and if they dare to start, agitate or be involved in union activities it can and does result in a murky death, Are such groups then only allowed in the UK because the establishment believes they have watered down their rights just enough to prevent whole scale challenge to their draconian rules?

The media and the politicians are desperately crawling around to encourage people to vote in 2015 because I think they have figured out that a disenfranchised electorate, who refuses to comply by the rules of a game that the system created and are in charge of, by going to the ballot box when told, are the ones with the right to stand up and shout about what is going on around them and to them and that poses the system a real problem in the future. By voting you legitimising the economic violence being waged upon you, the poor and working poor daily because that is what you chose. The difference between all parties at present is only in the colour of their badge, their policies closely match and all we are left with is the illusion of choice. Tony Blair and Margaret Thatcher were interested in winning the population contest but not so our current pithy leaders, because there is nothing to choose between them. Let us not forget that the largest transference of economic wealth, from the poor to the rich, took place on Labour’s watch with the bailout, something like £1.2 something something trillion (the figure is astronomical) and the Tories are playing the same tune. The LibDems are just looking for some mates. Do not forget that the Shadow Chancellor Ed Balls’ favourite line for sometime has been that the cuts are “too far, too quick” and so to the other Ed (Miliband) when he addressed the million people in Hyde Park on March 26th 2011 telling them the same thing. Not one of these parties wants to address the fact that between them and the maverick bankers in the city of corruption, they have squandered more money than there is in circulation to basically satisfy the gambling needs of power addicts and this majority do a disservice to the handful of women and men in parliament who might do the right thing given half a chance, if they were not marginalised on behalf of the business elite. 

Until such times as there is a real choice to be made between our political parties and true democracy is allowed for the people, no one can be blamed from abstaining and carrying on the fight for direct democracy.








Newell News-round up, week 13 and 14

Week 13 and 14 double due to a convergence of events but we still try to get our message out.


The institute for financial services has revised the figures and said we did not enter a double dip recession… It just felt like it for most of us and the shop keepers that have had to shut as a result of the crunch. Anyone that doesn’t think we are in a depression, sorry recession, take a slow walk down your local high street and see the pain.

Chancellor Jeffery Osborne laid out his 11bn austerity frame work and proved that if your department head shouts loud enough and the public are willing to accept the blame pointing fingers at each other, then you’ll get away lightly. 140,000 public sector workers are to be thrown overboard, who will then have to wait an extra week effectively before they will be able to access the social security parachute that cushions the fall once they have been thrown out of the governments aircraft. A stop to automatic pay rises (what automatic pay rise?) You couldn’t make it up and all the while he reeled it off with a glib and smug look on his face.

The Queen was referred to as frugal. She has a million pound hat forged from blood diamonds and a house with 78 toilets and an army of servants (and quite literally) an army. She also received a 5% pay rise and the cost of keeping the Monarchy in the lifestyle the are accustom to went up in the last 12months. What does frugal mean again?
The unborn Royal spawn has been lucky enough to receive a £1m room makeover and no one batted an eyelid. If the television show Skint had a family on it that had received a million pound room make over for a chid the social media feeds would have been bleeding, such would be the furious thumbs be tapping away at their multifunctioning devices.

No such luck, the media had obviously not told the public to think about that. Our unborn children are £73,000 in debt before they get to make their first whimper and the Royal spawn has a bedroom worth more than many people will earn in their life time.

Health and Welfare

Forget health and welfare, Jeffery Osborne and co are on the Titanic and they are sinking the life boats, you better hope you don’t fall ill, get injured, aren’t disabled and can swim.

Politics/Human Rights

The US and the UK are the last bastions of freedom, says William Hague in America. Yes, I laughed too because Edward Snowden has chosen China, Russia and Ecuador ahead of the UK or the US in the freedom stakes. The UK Pre-Crime Police Department have 9000 people on a domestic extremist list, many of which have no criminal record whatsoever.
Activists beware, are you on their list?


There is no justice, there’s just-us. Legal aid is dead and it’s only for those that can afford it.


A teacher was sentenced for grooming a girl of 15 and running away from her, Michael Gove has been grooming away the curriculum and education since he got in office leaving an age old famous quote to sum up the story; Hey! Teacher! Leave those kids alone!


Scientists have managed to clone a mouse from a drop of blood. Would a clone have the same memories as the individual they came from or would they be a blank canvass starting from scratch? The science behind it is breath taking but is it moral and just, or will we end up cloning people for spare parts like the Ewan McGregor and Scarlett Johansson movie ‘The Island’. I presume the answer lies in the question of what do you buy the people that have everything?

Have you been nudged? The latest in psycho manipulation. Are you hear to understand whether you really made the choice to do something or just simply to understand the choice you have made? Actors and politicians Barack Obama and David Cameron have both utilised Nudge specialists in the governments. The process being that rather than creating a campaign to convince you to do something, they create a type of inception that makes you do something without realising. The trick is to understand whether the idea came from you or from Leonardo DiCaprio. It started with a fly painted on a urinal in Europe which reduced the clean up bill by 80% I believe because having something to aim at increases men’s aim by 30%. You can find this article in this months New Scientist and I strongly encourage you to read it.


Vice News have reported of surveillance drones proving that the jihadist trial in the Middle East has all been about fine tuning for us; they have been “Introducing it, so we get used to it” The Artist Taxi Driver. Anyone familiar with the boiling frog theory will understand what that means.

The US military are blocking the Guardian website from its staff over network hygiene issues. Ignorance is strength.


Around the world in eight stories.
Bulgaria have joined the rest of the world in protesting against their governments. The list now includes, but is not limited to; Bahrain, Brazil, Turkey, Greece and Spain. The United Kingdom is expected to join in any time soon, just as soon as the soaps have finished.

Bolivians have been eating Quinoa for 7000 years and now, because of the greed, consumption and advertising of the superfood on the Western world, everyday people in Bolivia are being priced out of eating it. Yes it has or will result in increased revenue but as always with the free market, it will serve only to benefit the few. Is quinoa the new Coca-Cola because if so, I will have to cease eating it.

Ecuador have told the American government to poke their trade pact agreement, as it appears Edward Snowden is on his way to the country providing Julian Assange asylum, to prevent any kind of manipulative tactics from one of Hague’s last bastions of freedom.

China’s economy is not doing so good, neither is India’s, which posted its first negative growth for a decade this year. Not everything that glitters is gold.

America witnessed a 12hr filibuster in Texas as a one woman show stole away the Texas authorities ability to pass a bill which would have effectively ended abortion past 20 weeks. An emotive subject for some but the effort and endurance to stand there for 12hrs over such a hot topic should be noted. Most people will not even stand for what they believe let alone do it for 12hrs.

Cambodia have discovered a new bird species, living in the city and it is beautiful.

In South Africa, Nelson Mandela’s condition continues to vary from stable to not looking so good and the world waits with baited breath. Obama has visited in the mean time with a question asked what this means for the youth. Probably that the US wants something, therefore their future is bleak for them.

Finally in Australia, Julia Gillard has been dethroned by the man she usurped in 2010, Kevin Rudd. There has been talk of misogyny and sexism is Australian politics being the reason for her down fall being the first female Prime Minister, but then this is the country that believes the land belongs to blue eyed white people and not the Aborigines, who would actually tell you it belongs to no man or woman.


Wimbledon is on, so is the British Formula One Grand Prix, so it’s raining, cold and windy.
Spain and Italy showed everyone just how to kick it but we all know the Italians are like England when it comes to penalties that matter.


A new trilogy of Terminator movies is to be filmed and released with the first starting in 2015 but with hunter killers (reaper drones) already in operation we are already on the slippery, reality slope.