Unemployment reaches new low, as do politicians and their cronies


The government continue to encourage rigging of employment figures to enable Mark ‘print more’ Carney to raise interest rates. Speaking to one former scrounger who just got a job had this to say: ” I sit and watch the phone, sometimes all day, waiting for it to ring to be told whether I have any work for the day or not. I get NO hours, NO pay and it goes towards reducing government unemployment. I am doing my bit.
My cousin on my Dad’s side has done better, she shares her job with 2 other people and just got on the ‘help to buy’ scheme to get a new £300,000 3 bed house.”In other news, to safeguard this potential rise in interest rates which threatens to ignite riots as people are asked to leave their homes by bankers – London Mayor Boris ‘I am funny’ Johnson, fresh from shutting 10 fire stations has ordered water cannons to ensure peace through superior fire power.

Of course this is a fictional news bulletin but is not all that far from the truth as the UK seeks to sanction the use of chemical weapons and water cannons for use on the public here in the UK with the government seemingly worried that an imminent rise in interest rates potentially resulting in civil unrest. With court proceedings citing the shooting of individuals on our streets as lawful it is a dangerous time to be an ‘outlaw’ in the eyes of the state. We are left with dangerous precedents being set where the line between police and military are being blurred and the presence of guns and severe measures for crowd control are the norm. The difference between the police and army is that the police are supposed to serve and protect the people, whilst the military are to protect the people from enemies of the state. As the police become ever more militarised it is the people who end up becoming the enemies of the state.

In other news it is official ‘GREED IS GOOD’ as American Kevin O’Leary channeled the spirit of Gordon Gecko when he said the 3.5bn people living in abject poverty and destitution is beautiful, leaving them waking up every morning, not hungry and starving, but thinking that they too could be “filthy stinking rich”. You cannot make it up.



Where is the media? 4 million Londoners just got thrown overboard

Members of the Fire Brigades Union (FBU) have been in dispute with the government for 3 years after it decided to tear up pensions agreements and leave firefighters and their families on the scrap heap. This lead recently to members of the FBU in England and Wales to ballot for and take its first industrial strike action since 2002. This is only the third time that the FBU and its members have taken this last resort action in 40 years.

During the recent periods of strike action, the longest of which has been 6 hours (with exception of the odd fire service who have intentionally locked their staff out for additional hours) the mainstream media has bombarded the airwaves with questions and concerns over the risk the public is put under during these times, yet today saw the closure of 10 fire stations and the loss of almost 600 jobs in London after the Mayor Boris Johnson, finally got his way by railroading through his cuts agenda, in assistance with his hatchet man James Cleverly and yet we have had virtually no real concerns raised by our media on these issues. These closures will lead to increased response times for the people who live in these areas but that was of no concern to Boris or James at Mayors Questions in 2013. NO concern for the exponential growth of fire and the importance of attendance times, NO concern for the ‘golden hour’ for the transference to definitive medical care and NO concern for the truth that firefighters in 2014 attend much more than just fires as the recent floodings and building collapse at the Apollo theatre in London (3 of the 8 fire stations involved in rescues closed this morning) have highlighted.

Station shuts

Message from one of the stations that closed this morning

Another point of interest is that it is not uncommon to see Twitter feeds calling for people to #takeextracare when the FBU and its members are on strike, yet when you (Boris Johnson) ignore the democratic process (94% of people opposed the closures) and close 10 stations and cut nearly 600 jobs, you see nothing. No message about the need to take extra care, which poses the question of what is the BIGGEST risk to public safety? The odd strike here and there to save firefighters and their families futures and their long-term vision to protect the safety of both themselves and the public? Or is it ideological cuts which affect everyone, every minute of every day…?

Screen Shot 2014-01-09 at 14.36.50 Screen Shot 2014-01-09 at 14.35.46

Nothing posted today regards being extra vigilant now your station is gone

Our media work hard in the interest of government to frame the agenda, highlighting risks, demonising and scapegoating the poor and immigrants and yet when a very real abuse of democracy takes place, we are left with only our own means to express and share the scale of what has happened. 4 million Londoners just got thrown overboard by Boris Johnson and this government and sat down at a roulette table – where is the media?

Boris Johnson and the London 500; what price a life Boris?

Today Boris Johnson, Mayor of London, proved that democracy is hypocrisy. Malc-X-Democracy

The slogan made famous by Malcolm X could not be more fitting as Boris Johnson has now TWICE over turned the London Fire Assemblies democratic rejection of his proposed cuts to London Fire Brigade by doing so again today. The cuts endorsed by Boris would see the loss of ten fire stations and 552 firefighter jobs, leaving both the public and the remaining firefighters at great risk. Strange then how in 2010 he said that he would keep firefighters and the fire engines!

The question Boris Johnson should be answering is what price a life?

At the Mayors Questions in June this year, Boris Johnson made light of the concerns raised in the gallery by the public and firefighters of his pursuit of the cuts. He saw fit to tell them to leave and laugh and joke at the questions surrounding the disproportionate affect his cuts agenda will have on the poor and the disabled and is an issue that has been covered recently by disability campaigner Adam Lotun. 

Firefighters on fire engines do crucial education and prevention work for the public and these cut backs will hit the most vulnerable amongst us the hardest.

The Knight Review cited the reduction in dwelling fires as the reason for cut backs on brigades resources but it failed to comment on the correlation between the work that is done by firefighters day and night to ensure that people remain safe. Where this work fails, having enough people and resources to deal with an incident early on the initial attack are vital to save and preserve life and to protect property.

Both of which do not seem to have been considered by the megalomaniac Boris Johnson, instead he would rather concentrate on revealing blue cocks in Trafalgar Square.


The decision taken today will mean 500 plus firefighters effectively being binned over one mans vision and like Lewisham A&E the local communities must be encouraged to help rally behind the firefighters in their struggle against the ego of Johnson and his cohorts to save vital services to their communities.

The firefighters of London and their communities did not cause this recession, bad banking practices and rogue politicians have. It is high time we followed the wealth, made a stand and too back what is ours.