Don’t drag your fellow workers down, dust yourself off, get up and join them

Cry me a river. Yesterday’s heroes are today’s villains. Aside from the fact that nights and shift work shorten life expectancy, causes cancers and seriously disrupts the circadian rhythm system etc, it affects your alertness.

Letting an ego driven Mayor dictate the running operations of what is essentially a job that requires the most serious considerations for health and safety of all that use it, is asking for trouble. Having little to no regard for rotas, shifts and staffing levels and then pointing the finger at those who do, the workers as is always the case, makes you part of the problem. 

“But they earn £50k a year and max out at 50hrs a week!” Go the screams of injustice from the workers who can’t get their train. Who’s fault is it that the majority of us are working hours not seen since the Victorian times? No one but our own for giving up collective bargaining. 

In the past they blamed the excess power of the labour workforce on economic downturns in the 70s and 80s. They made it almost illegal to strike or even be in a union and gave the power to the employer to move labour across the world, sack people at will and tear up hard fought and won terms and conditions. Now the world economy is going down the shitter again and what’s their excuse now? Oh wait. The excess power of the labour workforce again… #ycmtsu.

It’s easy to point fingers at someone getting something you are not. It’s even easier to point it at someone considered your equal but those people are not typically the problem or the cause of the indifference in your working conditions. You can change that if you want, join a union and be an active part of resolving the current imbalances. In the meantime, do your bit to support the tube strikers (and something for your own health and wellbeing) by taking a walk, or support the cabbies by taking a black cab.


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