Human fronts cover of magazine shocker 

‘Human fronts magazine’ #shocker what difference does her sex make? Is it brave? Sure, anyone who stands up and does something that challenges rigid social constructs such as gender realignment is bound to be brave. The public declaration also helps empower people who have been too fearful to do so themselves but she is still human like you and I. The simultaneous hero worship, idolisation and abuse of Jenner reflects more on our failing as a society to accept people for who they are and content of their character rather than for the way they look than it does about Bruce Jenner, now Caitlyn. 

“It’s wrong”, “it’s sick”, “it’s twisted”, “it’s not natural”, “it will become the norm” and that’s just the ones I could print from people I know. They are also the same phrases once used about children of a white and black parent. Gender realignment won’t become ‘the norm’ because of the grand introduction of Caitlyn Jenner but it might be the start of a wider acceptance in society of gender realignment and the realisation that when all is said and done, they are still human, just like the rest of us. 

The bigger question for me is whether the hero worship of Jenner is based on the decision and public announcement to have a gender realignment or because she could afford to have the surgery done that she wanted? Would the praise be as grand if she was less than beautiful, by our current definition of the word? Others that have gender realignment are not so lucky to have the financial resources at hand that Jenner did and that leaves them at risk of further divide and ridicule from society. If the praise is not because of her brave announcement and introduction but because of her aesthetics then, fresh from the burden of being a man, Caitlyn will now face the challenge of being a woman in a world where beauty is the only currency many people understand.

As for those people suggesting the level of hero worship doing the rounds will lead to this becoming the ‘norm’, I would be surprised if anyone just woke up one day and said: “Fuck it. Today, I’m going to be a woman” or vice-versa and have an operation to be gender realigned. Anyone who does think that really doesn’t understand the torment people go through. The others, claiming it’s not natural, how do they know? How do we truly know anything? If there were no dolls, action figures, pink dresses, toy guns or make up and we were brought up in a sex neutral environment, would we truly know whether we were men or women? 

The critics (always plenty of them) are pointing fingers at the ready out of the box reality show Caitlyn has ready to air. These are probably the same critics that give up every spare moment to see what the Kardashian’s are up to or what happened at the Sugar Loaf on Towie last week. It’s not called the third mall from the sun for nothing, everything is for sale and it’s all got to go!

As for Caitlyn, let it go. She’s just another human finding her way in the world, the universe having a human experience. #embracehumanity people, it’s a big universe and we might be all we have.


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