Tolerance but not of the rich but of poverty

As news that the richest 1% will hold more wealth than the majority of the world’s population blows up on the BBC (like we didn’t already know #wearethe99% anyone??!) watch this gem from Kevin O’Leary, who thinks that poverty is “fantastic”.

You couldn’t actually write this stuff. As pointed out by the anchor, the people he is talking about don’t have socks to pull up.

On the radio today, there was someone arguing we should accept the rich and tolerate them. The issue for me, however, is not that we need to tolerate the rich but that we have learned to tolerate poverty. Too often we dismiss those in need without a second glance or thought. We walk past people in need everyday but at some point we have to stop and ask why that person is struggling. There is always a reason and by learning to understand these reasons, we can better break down the stigma that is attached.


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