Premiere: Time to make the switch

Do you make the switch or stick with what you know… here is a good news story on making the change


Screen Shot 2014-07-22 at 9.35.53 AM

As a video editor, Final Cut Pro played an important role in my life. It connected me to my purpose and made so many of my ideas into a reality. I was intimidated by the software at first but when I clicked to open it, there was something magical about it. I was about to make something.

In 2003, when I would meet someone new and told them I was an editor, they thought I meant for authors. I had to explain, I was an editor for stories that are visual a video editor. Me and Final Cut, we’ve been through a lot; trails, victories, failures, and shared many enlightening moments. Since I was 23, I have opened up the little back and white icon with great anticipation.

You can see why it was hard for me to move on to a new editing software. But I was starting to have hard times with Final…

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