Introducing it so that you get used to it.


If you start to see one of these in your local GP it is because they are introducing it so you can get used to it!

It has nothing to do with charging immigrants to use GP’s as suggested by Jeremy Hunt or charging you a tenner for you to use your GP as suggested by the “independent” think-tank Reform. Nope, it is all about getting you used to parting with your 110011010001 so that they can push for full-scale privatisation. It is modelled on the boiling frog theory, do it gradually and no one will kick back.

boiling frog theory

A question we could ask is just how independent the think-tank Reform is? They say: “Reform is a non-party think tank whose mission is to set out a better way to deliver public services and economic prosperity. Our aim is to produce research of outstanding quality on the core issues of the economy, health, education and law and order and on the right balance between government and individual.” taken from the Reform about page and claim be a non-party group as their contributions come from across the three major political parties. Recent speakers make for interesting reading: 

Recent speakers for Reform have included:

  • Rt Hon Andy Burnham MP and Rt Hon Sadiq Khan MP (Labour);
  • Rt Hon Theresa May MP and Rt Hon Jeremy Hunt MP (Conservative);
  • Rt Hon Danny Alexander MP and Norman Lamb MP (Liberal Democrat).

A kind of poacher turned game keeper kind of list save one or two. Then there is Andrew Haldenby, the founder and director of Reform who was in fact worked in the Conservative  Research Department back in 1995-1997. It might be too easy to say his views are steeped in Conservatism bias, a company run by people who worked for the Conservative Party can hardly be relied upon for their impartial views on subjects such as the outsourcing and privatisation of our public services, when that has been Tory policy since the heady days of Margaret Thatcher!

The bottom line is if you ever see one of these than refuse to pay, you already pay national health insurance and have had the NHS built up over the decades by yourselves, your parents and your grandparents. Do not forget that the NHS saved your life and will do again, maybe many times over the course of our lives, now it’s time to #saveournhs. If you want to start taking some action then visit this petition site.



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