Are we all living under a type of Stockholm Syndrome?

This week the news was buzzing with headlines that the UK was back to the pre-recession levels of financial prosperity and that our recovery was outstripping the world. Yes really.

The BBC newspapers gushed as they talked over the newspapers for the day, even smirking as Murdoch chip paper The Sun claimed it was its army of readers that helped save the UK and that we had all suffered along the way to ensure economic recovery, working longer hours for less pay in the process. When I look around however, I do not see a recovery, I see people struggling between pay checks, increased levels of homeless people, food banks and shutters down on a previously busy high street.

Do we really believe this to be true? If so, we must all be suffering some form of Stockholm Syndrome.

The term Stockholm Syndrome is most associated with Patty Hearst, a Californian newspaper heiress kidnapped by revolutionary militants in 1974. She appeared to develop sympathy with her captors and joined them in a robbery. She was eventually caught and received a prison sentence. Today it may well be used to describe the pacification with which the public seem to be accepting the austerity measures which have left 1 in 5 people in the UK being described as below the official poverty line and experiencing life as a daily struggle. We supposedly have the sixth largest economy and yet people in the UK are going to bed hungry, unable to break the cycle, now labelled the ‘working poor’. Now somehow in these times of Orwellian double think we have been patted on the back and congratulated for turning the country around and are expected to be grateful. How is it that we have become so conditioned that we adore our oppressors, so much so we are prepared to sit back and vote all over again for it in 2015?

The only people who have seen their fortunes changed for the better are the economic terrorists that created this recession in the first place, the bankers and their corrupt friends in politics.

Whilst we have lost swathes of public services to privatisation, had pay cuts & freezes, experienced pension robbery, lost homes, taken on zero hour contract work and rely on food banks – privates jets sales have increased… You couldn’t make it up! So next time the media thanks you for working longer hours for less pay, sacrificing your pensions, suffering pay freezes, inflation, gas price hikes etc – remember that the people who caused it are having a fracking jolly. Wealth bubbles up, it doesn’t trickle down.


We mostly seem to accept austerity as a necessity, with few really challenging it in any way. 50,000 people marched through London on June 21st to stand up against austerity but after the event there were more than double that using credit cards on Oxford Street, artificially stimulating the economy, moving from one shopping experience to the next. So long as we continue to shop and pay our taxes it must be assumed that they are happy for a minority to march. We need to cultivate and nurture a lifestyle of civil disobedience and resistance to the ongoing ideological austerity we are being torn apart with and break free from this Stockholm Syndrome. We have everything to gain and nothing to lose.



Of course I have high blood pressure, there’s people like Tony Blair walking free in the world!

Common questions such as ‘don’t you have high blood pressure’ usually make me laugh but this mornings well-earned lay-in has been interrupted after deciding to look into what the Middle East Peace envoy and war criminal Tony Blair has been up to as the death toll in Palestine passes 1,000.



Blair’s wife, Cherie, celebrated her 60th birthday this week and so he hosted a £50k birthday party for her with special guests such as Bobby Davro providing the entertainment. Whilst I am still fresh off the back of my Richard Feynman rant earlier this week I do not know if I particularly begrudge ben this war criminal spending a birthday with his wife, especially one as significant as 60 (it may be his last before he ends up in the Hague?) but I do question why this megalomaniac is busy making speeches in London about progress and leadership, 20 years on from taking the New Labour hot seat whilst Gaza burns and children die? He was allegedly crowned Middle East Peace envoy due to his exemplification of peace during his tenure as UK Prime Minister which is lamentable considering his religious doctrine is responsible for the destabilisation of the world that we are seeing today, his modern-day crusade with George W. Bush.

Many would call in to question his validity of such a position, some have called for his sacking after finding his work in the are negligible to date. We should also remind ourselves that this peace envoy is the same man crying out for intervention recently in Syria and who continues to state that the massacre that is unfolding in Gaza is justified as Israel has the right to defend itself. A closer look at Blair’s relationships makes for sickening reading. He has long been a support of people that we now call despots, such as Gaddafi and Assad but evidently at those times they were bastards but they were ‘our’ bastards so that was okay.

Blair-and-Assadblair gaddafi


It also appears that Blair, during his time as peace envoy, has been instrumental in brokering deals in Palestine for large corporations. According to Channel 4’s Despatches, Blair helped persuade the Israeli government to open up radio frequencies so that cell phone company Wataniya Mobile could operate in the West Bank, as well as a large development for a gas field off the coast of Gaza which is run by the British Gas Group. Both these contracts are  for British Gas Group and Wataniya Mobile are major clients of Blair’s financiers, JP Morgan. It just goes to show that their saying is right, the right relationship is everything, you couldn’t make it up!

Blair Obama


Tony Blair’s only interest in the Middle East is what he can squeeze out of it financially for both himself and his pay masters, that’s all his crusades have ever been about. In the meantime children continue to pay the ultimate price as the Israeli Defence Force bombs rain down on the open air prison that is Gaza and the West sits by idly watching.


In truth, it is a Palestinian Holocaust, not a conflict.

Muslim Human

Tomorrow my nephew, like many other children across the globe, will celebrate his 7th birthday. He will blow out candles, eat cake and open Lego presents. That is the harsh reality for many children and parents as the sunsets this evening.

Elsewhere children are given handguns and stuck in the back of jeeps to fight for their lives, are blown up on the beach playing football whilst dreaming of being the next Ronaldo, or are held at gunpoint in front of their parents and yet the wider public say and do nothing. Why? We should not beat around the bush, it is because successive governments and mainstream media outlets on both sides of the Atlantic have told us that the words ‘Muslim’ and ‘Islam’ are synonymous with terrorism. We have been bred to view Muslim’s and Islam as aggressors ‘getting theirs’. The middle east peace envoy and war criminal Tony Blair said as much on the BBC recently when he said Israel has the right to defend itself in this conflict.

Iraqs-young-fighters2Harry fear Gaza


Where as the world rose up against apartheid in South Africa, it sits idly on its hands whilst a modern-day holocaust plays out in front of our eyes and our media is complicit in this.


They use terms such as conflict and war to give the viewer a sense of parity to what is happening in Palestine, the reality is that the Israeli Defence Force (IDF) is shooting fish in a barrel, only it is women and children who are at their mercy. The power of our language is always at its greatest during atrocities, we find all manner of ways to justify or legitimise what we see by way of our language. This is not a conflict or a war, it is a holocaust, an attack on indigenous people on their way of life by an occupying force, we and our media should start calling it just that. Even the term Israeli Defence Force, versus the more common Hamas Militants, is a one-sided way to describe the two opposing forces; one is a defender of the people, the other the aggressor, but which in reality is which?



Our governments have remained silent, David Cameron has given Netanyahu his staunch support, but it is because of our historic complicity in the events unfolding today – our governments pursuit of imperialist aims which drives their silence. If we want justice for Palestine and the innocent Jewish people who are swept up in these atrocities, then we must take collective action. If our media refuses to cover these events unbiased, then we boycott, them. The papers, the T.V license, whatever it takes and by any means necessary. We boycott the goods that pay for the weapons of mass destruction that the IDF is using against innocent children, such as the oranges and other fruits sold here in the UK and lest we forget to hold the American government to account for the role they play in appeasing the violence perpetrated by the IDF and the political elite on the people of Palestine.


Death count – Israeli – Palestine