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NHS Survivor Stories – Episode 1

“It is not without its problems but without it a great many people will suffer.” – Bill Hubbard

With the increasing frequency of negative news stories concerning the NHS and privatisation looming on the horizon, this new short series – NHS Survivor stories, seeks to redress the balance and highlight the good that the NHS does and has done every year for millions of people since 1948. The aim of these videos is to put across a different perspective to the one pushed by the mainstream where a culture of despair is being fostered regarding the NHS. The first video can be found here.

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Messages for Gaza – Part 2

August 9th 2014 saw the largest ever march and demo in London on the issue of Palestine. Estimates claimed 150,000 people marched through the streets of London from BBC Broadcasting house, via the US Embassy to Hyde Park. It may have been many more.

We went and captured the day and stories of those in attendance in our second part to our ‘Messages for Gaza’ series. They might not hear us but they may hear about us.

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Premiere: Time to make the switch


Do you make the switch or stick with what you know… here is a good news story on making the change

Originally posted on Monica Briano:

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As a video editor, Final Cut Pro played an important role in my life. It connected me to my purpose and made so many of my ideas into a reality. I was intimidated by the software at first but when I clicked to open it, there was something magical about it. I was about to make something.

In 2003, when I would meet someone new and told them I was an editor, they thought I meant for authors. I had to explain, I was an editor for stories that are visual a video editor. Me and Final Cut, we’ve been through a lot; trails, victories, failures, and shared many enlightening moments. Since I was 23, I have opened up the little back and white icon with great anticipation.

You can see why it was hard for me to move on to a new editing software. But I was starting to have hard times with Final…

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